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Obtaining a Manitoba Hunting Licence.
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               Your First Manitoba Hunting Licence

All first time hunters born after Jan 1,1951   must show proof of hunter safety education  by taking the Manitoba Hunter Safety Course or show proof of training from another province or state. The Manitoba Hunter Safety Course is an 8 -hour training with a written exam. Candidates who have not yet reached their 12th birthday may take the training if the course is taken within 3 months of their

12th birthday. Their course certificate will  be mailed to them on their 12th birthday.


Upon completion of training, a temporary certificate is issued and a permanent wallet card is mailed.


A hunter without a firearms licence, who uses a firearm, must be closely supervised by an individual licenced to posses a firearm. “Closely supervised” is defined as “arms length supervision”.


The Canadian Firearms Safety Course is NOT the same as the Manitoba Hunter Safety Course.


The following text is taken directly from the 2004 Manitoba Hunting Guide


Youth Hunting


No one under the age of 12 may hunt game   birds

or big game animals.

Residents 12 to 17 years of age may hunt all big game species

 (during both draw and  non-draw seasons), upland game birds or wild turkey  without a license if:

         they carry proof of age,

      they carry proof they graduated from the Manitoba Hunter and Firearms Safety Course, or a similar course from another province or state (note: the Canadian Firearms Safety Course does not  qualify) and

    they are accompanied by an adult supervisor who is a resident of Manitoba and who possesses a valid hunting licence for that species and season


NOTE: Any game harvested is included in the bag limit of their licenced adult supervisor. If they wish their own bag limit, they must purchase a licence. If they wish to hunt waterfowl they must purchase the Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp.

    Party hunting privileges of the adult supervisor apply to the youth.

    A non- resident youth must purchase

the appropriate hunting licence.


Deer and Game Bird Licence


The Deer and Game Bird licence entitles a youth to hunt one deer in any season(archery, muzzleloader, shotgun/muzzleloader, rifle) until the tag is filled,

and to harvest and possess upland game birds in accordance with current bag limits and season restrictions. If the youth wants to hunt migratory game birds with a Deer and Game Bird Licence, then a Canada Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp are required. All other conditions respecting youth hunting, as noted above, apply to the youth and adult supervisor. This licence may be used to form a party during any season for which the licence is valid. In addition to this licence, a qualifying youth may purchase all other deer licences at regular price. Young hunters may not purchase a Second Deer, or Third Deer licence unless they are in possession of a regular deer licence for the archery, shotgun/muzzleloader, muzzleloader or rifle seasons.


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