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Which Adults Should Have a Firearms Licence?
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1.                 Anyone who hunts, shoots, or collects firearms.

  2.                 Anyone who may come in contact with firearms such as – spouse, family members or employees.

Typical examples:

  a)       Any employee of an abattoir where a “firearm” is used to dispatch animals for      slaughter.  If  the unlicenced employee ever uses a “firearm” without supervision

of a licenced person, he/she would be deemed to be in possession of the firearm.

The remedy here is for the employee to obtain their own

Possession and Acquisition Licence (P.A.L.)

  b)                   Spouse – by definition, unless a “firearm” is securely locked/stored in a residence, it would otherwise be deemed to be available or “in possession” of the non-licenced residents of a household. Specifically – a non-licenced spouse is not legal to take a gun out of storage to shoot pests on the yard. The remedy here is to acquire his/her own Possession & Acquisition Licence (P.A.L.), whether or not the individual ever intends to own a gun. All persons using a gun must have a P.A.L. or a grandfathered Possession Only Licence (P.O.L.).

  c)                            Family/employees

  -                                         In a situation such as retired dad comes back to the farm to help.

  -                                         Dad takes a farm vehicle to town for a parts run. There is a firearm in the vehicle which is not locked in a container or trigger locked. The vehicle is stopped for a tail light out/traffic violation. If dad does not have a firearm licence, he would be deemed to be in unlawful possession of a firearm.


In order to acquire Non-Restricted Firearms by any means – buy/trade/inherit/borrow, you must have a Possession and Acquisition Licence (P.A.L.). The cost is $60.00 and it is valid for 5 years. You can reapply without taking the training again. You may borrow a firearm if you have a Possession Only Licence (P.O.L.) for the same type of firearm you wish to borrow. Example- long gun or hand gun, registered to you, you may “Borrow” another firearm of the same classification such as in the case of your rifle is in for repairs or you require a different handgun for a competition.

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