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Candidates between the ages of 12 – 17 may apply to obtain a minors licence. These individuals must attend the 8-hour Canadian Firearms Safety Training Course and successfully complete the written and practical tests. An application form must be completed as for adults, the fees are $10.00 per year for a maximum of three years and the candidate must have a basic interview with a firearms officer. The application will require a declaration of purpose.

Typical purposes for which a minor may require a minor’s licence are:

                               Recreational or competitive target shooting.

                               Hunting or pest control


A minor with a licence may participate in the above activities without the need for a supervising licence holder to be present. A minor with licence may be in possession (borrow) a registered rifle or shotgun, but may not “own” his/her own guns.


You may contact the Area Firearms Officer in Brandon at 1-800-731-4000 ext. 8014, with any questions or to request an application.

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